A message from Linda 6 August 2017

Why on earth would we take on such a big event as Transforming Worship,
disrupting our Sunday and impacting so many people?

Through the Transforming Worship Conference, members of Burnside City Uniting Church were exposed to new ideas in relation to worship, new styles of worship and ways of worshipping, by internationally renowned teachers and preachers, wonderful leaders in this area of worship.

We volunteered and served in teams which involved meeting new people trying new things discovering new skills making new friends, or reacquainting with old ones and discovering that we can do brewed coffee and it’s really nice!

Our building and facilities were used for what they were designed to do – to be able to resource and equip the people of God to be able to worship God

Burnside City Uniting Church now has a reputation nationally of a church who makes people welcome in generous ways

We have been able to resolve some issues that have been challenging us for quite some time for example:

The air conditioning in the auditorium has gone from being quite problematic to resolved! 

We have developed much clearer, applicable  procedures for emergency
evacuation.  We have developed great confidence in what we would do in an
emergency these do need some further work but we have made big progress in this area because of the conference.

This of course was not our conference it was organised by the Uniting Church
Assembly’s National worship working group. It was our role to act as host, to
provide the facilities, to make people feel welcome, to manage our car park and to help resolve issues with the facilities. Members of Burnside City Uniting Church went above and beyond in giving their time and effort and working really hard to be able to ensure that every detail was attended to. There were so many who,
quietly behind the scenes, attended to many details that I won’t even know about. Thank you to the many, many, many volunteers who helped in so many different ways. 

Was it all worth it? I think so and I hope others agree.

Praise God for this opportunity! 


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