A message from Rob – 8 April 2018

Rob WilliamsSo You May Believe  

Once upon a time there was a very special meeting. I can’t tell you when it took place because it was before “when” ever was. But I do know who was at the meeting. God was there in the person of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

The meeting went something like this. God, the supreme creator of the universe said, “Let’s make human beings.” God the Holy Spirit, who knows all and sees all said, “If you make human beings, they’re going to sin.” But Jesus, who is the Saviour of us all, stepped forward and said, “If they sin, I’ll join them to model human life for them and redeem humanity from its sins.”

And as the Son prepared to leave the glory he had within the Godhead, the Holy Spirit said to Him: “When you get there you better show them some signs if you expect them to believe your message and know who you really are.

  • When you turn water into wine, show them your mastery over quality and that salvation is by your wordJohn 2:1-12
  • When you heal the nobleman’s son, show them your mastery over time and distance and that salvation is by graceJohn 4:44-54
  • When you heal the paralytic, show them your mastery over long-term infirmity and that salvation is available to all. John 5:1-9
  • When you feed the 5000, show them your mastery over quantity and that salvation brings satisfaction. John 6:1-15
  • When you calm the raging storm, show them your power over nature and that salvation brings peace. John 6:16-21
  • When you heal the blind man, show them your power over darkness and that salvation brings light. John 9:1-12
  • When you raise Lazarus from the grave, show them your power over death and that salvation brings life. John 11:1-44

Use all of these signs to reveal your deity, that you truly are the divine Son of God. Use these signs so that they might believe and have eternal life through your name.”


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