Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) International

Do you want to get answers to life’s tough questions? Do you want a deeper relationship with Jesus? Do you want to understand Who God is through His Word? In more than 1000 BSF classes around the world, people of all ages, races and cultures are studying the Bible to develop a vibrant relationship with God. Burnside City Uniting Church hosts Adelaide’s only Evening Women’s Class where women from many different backgrounds and denominations are united in Christ to study the Bible alongside one another in a relevant and life changing way. Class meets on Monday nights, from 6:55 – 8:45 pm. This year we will be studying the Book of John and class will commence on the 20th of February. There is no cost to attend and women can simply register on first attendance. Knowing how important it is for all people to have the opportunity to know God through His Word, BSF is also committed to teaching the Bible to the next generation. Women who attend class are encouraged to bring school-aged children with them to study the Bible in the BSF School Program (available for any child in school grades 1-12). BSF’s unique and in-depth approach to Bible study includes:

  • daily questions for personal study and growth
  • discussion groups where insights are shared
  • lectures that explain the passage and the relevance of the Bible’s truth to today’s world
  • lesson notes that further explore the passage

Term Dates for 2017 

Term One: February 20th – April 10th

Term Two: May 8th – July 3rd

Term Three: July 31st – September 25th

Term Four: October 16th – November 13th

More information about BSF International can be found at