Frontier Services Concert

Thank you to all those who supported this event. Thanks also to all those who worked hard to make it happen. Proceeds to Frontier Services was $460; sales of souvenirs and cards was an additional $425. Donations included.

The House I Left Behind, A journey from Islam to Christ

THE CHURCH LIBRARY HAS FOR YOU : After a recent visitor, on speaking tour in Adelaide: A book and DVD for you to borrow; bringing a Christian’s timely warning message. Daniel Shayesteh – ‘The house I left behind, A journey from Islam to Christ’. This is the biography of a Muslim boy in Iran. Although the Taleshi language was his mother tongue, he could quote the Koran in Arabic at age nine! He grew up to become a politician in the Muslim driven revolution which ousted the Shah of Persia, in the hope of a better, democratic society. This is a riveting, revealing story of success, disappointment and betrayal, imprisonment, escape and ultimate freedom found in Christ, in Turkey and Australia. Already two BCUC Home Groups have benefited from watching the DVD together.

Christmas Gift Cards

The Mission Support Group are making Christmas gift cards to sell at $15 to support the education of disadvantaged children in Amritsar, NW India which will give them the opportunity of a better life. The cards will be available in October and purchases are tax deductible.

CPSW Fundraiser Results

We are pleased to announce that we raised $1303.65 from the cake & produce stall and $522.10 from the sausage sizzle, giving us a total of $1825.75 for CPS Workers in local schools. Many thanks to those who cooked and helped out on the day.

Family Fun @ 5

jonah-the-whaleThe Family Fun @ 5 team are preparing for Saturday 21st September. If you are able to provide any of the items below, it would be greatly appreciated. There will be a container near the reception for goods.

  • Large empty tissue boxes.
  • Empty milk cartons 600ml or 1L.
  • Lids of about 7cm diameter from jars especially plastic vegemite/peanut butter.
  • Donations of money towards craft supplies & food.
  • Help on the night with food, craft, games and setting up etc