Home Group Study Suggestions from the Library

The Church Library has for You

This month Home Groups will reconvene and make a decision re; what to study together. The Library has several options available: TALKS by two recent visitors to Adelaide :

  • VISHAL MANGALWADI. Indian Christian Philosopher, who spoke on “What good is Christianity?” 3 DVDs of inspiring lectures. He disturbs any complacency in the Church!
  • Dr DANIEL SHAYESTEH. Speaks of his life experiences converting from Muslim activist politician to Christian believer, escaping
    persecution and prison to freedom in Australia. He now ministers to Muslims and Christians worldwide. Captivating story!

And Also :

  • A seven- part BIBLICAL STUDY ON MARRIAGE, by S.A. Pastors, married couples, unmarried adults and youth. Marriage is a topical subject today – So what does the Bible really say ? Discussion questions included.
  • A RESOURCE GUIDE from Matthias Media with many study suggestions, with or without DVDs. (The Library can contribute toward cost)

Wishing to join a home group?  See Matthew Bond.


BCUC Welcomes Linda Driver to Our Team

Linda DriverWe are happy to announce that Linda Driver has accepted our call to the BCUC Ministry Team commencing on 1st May 2014.  Some background information :

  • Born 1966;
  • Significant experience in UCA Event Management – Synod meetings, KCO, SAYCO;
  • Administrator at Uniting College;
  • Worship convenor for the Moderator Rev Rob Williams;
  • Key role, Assembly meeting held in Adelaide;
  • Preaching, Worship Leading, Worship Elder & Children’s Ministry at Tea Tree Gully UC.

The Wild Gospel : Bringing Truth to Life

THE CHURCH LIBRARY HAS FOR YOU – “The Wild Gospel : Bringing Truth to Life” by Alison Morgan. This is “a splendid, stimulating, refreshing and beautifully written book”, ( quoted from the back cover.)  The subtitle reveals the author’s aim of confronting the assumptions of secular and religious pluralism of today, with Jesus’ claim to be the Truth, the Way and the Life. We must learn to speak the language of the age without surrendering to the assumptions of the culture, regarding truth, freedom and happiness, just as Jesus did . He often broke with rigid rules and understandings of the Jewish establishment.  “Truth is the reality of God Himself. That is why when He wished to make that reality accessible to human beings, He did it through a relationship: He sent His Son.” The Truth is living, acts and transforms. This is a CHRISTMAS book. Sneak some quiet hours to read it !

Riverland Produce


Riverland produce deliveries are completed for 2013. The next order will be February 2014, with order forms available in January. Thank you for your continued support of this project where growers get a fair price for their produce and $1000 assistance is sent to the Medicine Shop in West Papua.



The HizBiz honey offer is on again!  1kg premium honey for $7 with your container, $8 without.  Proceeds support the Barnabas Fund, who give hope and aid to persecuted Christian churches throughout the world.  Orders to Leigh Duffett by early Monday morning.

Shoot Me First

THE CHURCH LIBRARY HAS FOR YOU : Recently, at a Saturday Friendship Club meeting, Grant & Janna Lock, a South Australian couple, gave a most entertaining insight into their living and working experiences in the hotspots of Pakistan and Afghanistan. ‘SHOOT ME FIRST’, the book, records their 24 years of learning languages, fitting into the cultures and managing development work, e.g. micro hydroelectric systems & eye care programs. All the while interacting  with the locals, especially needy widows struggling to survive. Their stories open a window on life in Islamic societies. As Mark Durie writes on the back cover: “The raw reality of daily life for ordinary people, up close and personal. Lock gives the most pressing global issues of our time a human face.” This book is a great addition to the Church Library; a moving story you will not forget.