God’s Big Picture

 Many people have difficulty in reading and understanding the Bible, especially the Old Testament; do not give up ! The Bible: sixty-six books by forty authors, written over some 2000 years in different genres…..yet it is one story ! It is no ordinary book. How can you and I begin to read and understand the Bible as a whole ?

VAUGHAN ROBERTS by using the theme ‘The Kingdom of God’, has written a helpful book : GOD’S BIG PICTURE. The book will help you to become familiar with the Old Testament, discovering how the coming of Jesus is promised and anticipated right from Genesis – the author’s aim is to give an overview of the main storyline of the whole Bible.

You will not find this book “heavy” or “theological”; it is easy to read. Besides, each chapter can be used as a personal or group bible study, with suggested questions.

Why not borrow it and benefit ? You can find it on the display shelf in the Activities room.

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