A message from Donald Sarre – 22 July 2018

In Christ, we have different gifts, making one body  

Over the last few weeks, with anticipation and joy, we have witnessed the rescue of 12 young boys and their soccer coach.  Praise and thanks to God for these 13 lives being saved. And prayers for the family of the volunteer who lost his life in saving others.  The boys were trapped in a cave for 9 days, in total darkness, no food, no contact with anyone and no idea if they would ever be rescued. Imagine you were one of them.  How would you feel? Then came the incredible discovery and rescue. They were rescued by a huge team, each using their different gifts and skills.  There were divers, doctors, engineers, pilots, paramedics, police, army, food providers, … the list goes on.  Over a thousand involved. All members of the ONE TEAM, with ONE MISSION.  Save the boys and their coach.  It has never been done before. A miracle and modern day example of Paul’s statement in Romans 12:5-8.  

“In Christ we, though many, form one body (team), and each member belongs to all the others. We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us.”

What are your God given gifts and skills?  Yes you have some.  Like the cave rescue team.

We all have GOD GIVEN GIFTS  –  use them with the same enthusiasm.

We are all part of the ONE TEAM,  – the body of Christ  (Some Team!).

with ONE MISSION. “to make disciples of all nations”.  Let’s get on with it.  


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