A Message from Rev Benji Callen – May 5 2019

If I said “over the next five weeks we are doing a series on ‘evangelism’“, does your stomach churn? In your head you may think “yes I know that’s important”, yet you may get nervous thinking about it, maybe even offended.

“Does this mean Benji is going to tell us to talk to our neighbours and friends about Jesus in every conversation and be one of those ‘uber’ Christians – passionate but kind of annoying?”

Some people are gifted evangelists which means they can bring Jesus into any conversation. They pray before boarding a plane that they can sit next to someone and help bring them into a relationship with Jesus. Many of us want to run from that idea. We are all called to be witnesses to our faith, to always be able to give an account of the hope that we have. This series called “Surprise the World” is about living a Christian life that is different to the rest of the world’s – a life that is attractive and Gospel focussed. It’s about sharing Jesus love in words and actions. Each week there will be homework! Fun, easy to apply homework. I’d love to hear stories of how it goes. The five weeks are based on the anagram B.E.L.L.S. Bless, Eat, Listen, Learn and Send.

This week the homework is to be a blessing to people. Ask the Holy Spirit to bring to mind ways you can bless someone. Ideally, be a blessing to someone within the church and outside the church. It may be as simple as bringing them a coffee or helping them with a lift to the airport.  Being people who follow Jesus means we are salt and light to the world. We aim to be the type of citizens everyone wants in their street. We are generous and a blessing to many. May God give you insight and overflowing love in this week’s challenge.

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