BCUC Basketball

 Welcome to the home of the BCUC BRAWLERS and BCUC BRAWLETS. These two social and fun basketball teams provide a community for Youth and Young Adults, which is built upon a foundation of teamwork, respect and BASKETBALL. This Young Adult initiative aims to ensure that the natural church transition from Youth to Young Adult is achieved, with both Youth and Young Adults positively impacting each other’s lives and personal development in the process. The teams are constantly growing with Youth and Young Adults getting involved from all over Adelaide, coming from numerous backgrounds and churches. The epic BCUC BRAWLERS (Men’s team) and powerful BCUC BRAWLETS (Women’s team) form two parts of a whole, indivisible and yet deliciously awesome, with one team complimenting the other in perfect balance. We catch up regularly to support each other’s teams, have some fun, and play some ball. The BCUC BRAWLETS is a team of super talented individuals who don’t always rock up to training in heals, sometimes we train in ballet flats. We work together to build our friendships and grow into strong independent women passionate about sport and serving others. We love having new players joining us no matter the skill level. The BCUC BRAWLERS is a team of true manliness and basketball supremacy. This band of brothers works together to create a mighty team of inclusion, friendship, and support. We work together to be better men, better friends and better basketballers. New players are always welcome no matter what the skill level.

Training/playing times:

BCUC BRAWLETS (Women’s team): Tuesday nights, 7:30-9:00 @ The Basketball Hub, Burnside City Uniting Church. Games Saturday afternoons. Game schedule for BCUC BRAWLERS 2016 winter season: http://app.sportdata.com.au/results/2386 BCUC BRAWLERS (Men’s team): Thursday nights, 7:30-9:30 (or Late) @ The Basketball Hub, Burnside City Uniting Church. Games Sunday afternoons. Feel free to ‘Like’ our Facebook group to keep updated with team events, game times and fundraisers: https://www.facebook.com/BCUCbasketball

Contact details:

Micah Prior – BCUC BRAWLERS (Men’s team): 0423301987 Alana Fuller – BCUC BRAWLETTS (Women’s Team): 0409 069 630. For any info on new upcoming teams, getting involved, or offering support, feel free to contact Micah or Alana, or please contact the church directly.