The Church After Easter

11 April 2021

The first Sunday after Easter is traditionally called ‘Low Sunday’ in contrast to what someone has called ‘the Church on steroids’ – the heightened joy and excitement of Easter Day, the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection the Sunday before.
Our reading for this weekend’s worship from Acts 4:32-37 gives us a picture of the Church in Jerusalem, alive in Christ, expressing a wonderful unity in heart and mind, a fellowship in which believers didn’t claim possessions as their own but shared everything so that there were no needy members among them.
Luke, the writer of Acts, has compiled a book that commends Christianity to the Gentile world. It proclaims the truth that Jesus is for everyone, not just those of Jewish descent. Luke chronicles how Jesus’ words to the disciples at his ascension came true. He said, ‘You will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the earth’ (Acts 1:8) He shows his readers how in just 30 years, Christianity had spread from Jerusalem to Rome.
What happened during this spread of Christianity is an exciting and inspiring story. However, how it happened gives us encouragement as the Church today. The entire story is driven by the work of the Holy Spirit to the point where someone has suggested that Luke’s writing we call ‘The Acts of the Apostles’ should more correctly be renamed ‘The Acts of the Holy Spirit’. We see churches being set up and growing wherever the good news of Jesus’ resurrection is being preached – and it’s not just the apostles doing the preaching. Others are also being gifted by the Holy Spirit to share the good news Jesus has brought to them. Over the next few Sundays, we’ll witness the Spirit at work in the early Church.
How do you see the Spirit at work in our congregation today?
Rob Williams



Benji on Leave

Benji, Nicole, and family are having a well earned break over the next few weeks.  Benji will return to BCUC on Monday April 26.  While Benji is away, if you need to speak to someone, please contact Stuart, Nirmal, or Rob as appropriate.  The Kid’s Programme will be run by Heather and Aradhana over the next two Sundays.

Sunday 10am Worship Livestreaming

For a few weeks now, we have been livestreaming our Sunday 10am service on our YouTube channel (See the box on this page headed “Breakthru Worship”).  This will continue this week and into the foreseeable future.  These livestreams (which can also be watched later) will replace the “Breakthru” video services that Benji used to create each week.  The quality of the livestreams have improved over the weeks as we have gained experience and we welcome your feedback.  We are also looking for volunteers to operate the video stream on Sunday morning (no experience needed, just an ability to focus and multitask).  

Easter Musical “I’m Only 33”

On Good Friday and Easter, we premiered our Easter Musical titled “I’m Only 33” written and composed by Ian Olver and Keren Webber.  The production has been uploaded to our YouTube channel and can be seen here.

Monday Day Fellowship

Colin Harris from the Historical Society is the speaker at our next meeting on April 12th at 1:30pm.  His subject is Heritage Homes in the Burnside area.  We welcome everyone to join is for a pleasant afternoon of friendship and fellowship.  Afternoon tea will be provided.

Saturday Friendship Club

The April meeting of the BCUC Saturday Friendship club will be a special presentation by our own Helen Brooks.   Helen will give a talk entitled “Discover Portugal” and will cover all aspects of her trip to Portugal in 2019.  Discover the intriguing history of what this small country has achieved over the centuries, along with many  photographs of the  country.  The date is 17th April with a 7:15pm for a 7:30 start. Supper will be provided.  Usual $3 donation and visitors are welcome.  If you require a lift call James Wilson on 8365 2408.

Save these Dates

Kids Holiday Bible Program : July 12-16th, mornings at @ BCUC
BCUC Weekend Away : September 10-12th,  all day away

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