CAP Money Tools

The CAP Money Course is a revolutionary money management course that reaches out into the community in a practical, relevant way. It guides people through budgeting skills, account management and a simple, cash-based system that really works. This course will help anyone be more in control of their finances, so they can budget, save and prevent overwhelming debt.

During the course you will learn:

  1. How to build and maintain a budget
    This is the cornerstone of managing your finances well.  Your money can be like a puzzle.  Money coming in, money going out.  It’s difficult until you see a clear picture.  The key to being in control of your finances long term comes from building a balanced budget.  Often we think building a budget is a real killjoy, time consuming and restricting.  However, it does allow us to spot the waste, prioritise and be in control of our money rather than our money in control of us.  You will learn how to build your budget on-line at the CAP Money website which does all the calculations and adjustments for you.
  1. The CAP Money System
    Introduces you to a three account system (Regular Payment Account, Cash Account and Savings Account), prioritising your expenditure, directing your money where it needs to go, ensuring your money goes towards the things you have planned for.
  1. How to live using cash
    Using cash instead of credit cards is counter-cultural but it has many advantages. Cash helps bring the value back to what you are spending and means you know exactly where you are with your day to day spending on all those little things. 

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