Christian Option Programs (COP)

Christian Option Programs are designed to help students of primary age to understand the basic teachings of Jesus. This is done in a way that is appropriate for students attending government schools.

The programs are not designed to indoctrinate students into the Christian faith, nor to promote any one approach to that faith.

They are not designed to build up the faith or knowledge of those students with a Christian background, but are intended to allow all students to become aware of who Jesus is, and what he teaches. They aim to broaden students’ options, as they consider the major questions of life in an informative and educational way.

The curricula and materials used in the programs have been designed by South Australian educators, specifically for use in the schools of this state. They reflect current educational practice, and are designed to complement other religious education courses, as well as courses in social and values education.

SU’s Primary Age Christian Option Programs are taught by trained teams, working with students in their normal class groupings and rooms. These teams are comprised of local people, drawn from a variety of local churches, working in partnership with Scripture Union personnel. Class teachers are expected to be present, and are invited to participate if they wish.

For more information, visit SU Primary Christian Option Program.