10:30 am Classic Worship Service

In the classic service we seek to engage everyone present in the worship of God.

The sermons help us to enlarge our vision, deepen our understanding and strengthen our commitment.

The prayers help us to reflect on the nature of God, to reconcile with God and to intercede for others.

The words of the hymns reinforce the themes and other aspects of the services. We select them from the best in the church’s history and from modern authors. The music is also drawn from old and modern sources. Together they enable us to sing our faith and enrich our unity. The singing is strong and everyone is encouraged to participate. While the sources are wide-ranging, there is little repetition of the words and the melodies are mostly classical or folk in style.

The contributions from the choir are selected to lift our worship and reinforce the messages in the services. Generally the choir sings in four-part harmony.

All our worship is based on the scriptures from which sections are read week by week.

A number of people participate in leading the Classic Service each week ranging from reading or singing in the choir to welcoming worshippers or operating the audio-visual equipment. If you would like to become involved, please talk to one of the ministers.