Communion Outreach to Monreith

Monreith is a residential aged care facility opposite BCUC. For many years Tusmore Memorial Uniting Church conducted a short worship and communion service on the first Sunday morning of each month. Since the amalgamating to form BCUC we have continued this service on the first Sunday of each month. I visit on the Saturday to give a reminder/invitation notices to the residents. On the following Sunday morning, we have a short blessing service at 10am by Matthew before going to Monreith. Nigel Croser (Nigel & Jo are former members of TMUC) leads the service. He has a real empathy and commitment to this ministry to older people. Jo Croser often assists Nigel. Anita Wheaton and Verna Drexel then serve communion. We always commence this by reading 1 Corinthians 11:23-26. After the service we have valuable sharing and friendship time. Over the years we have got to know the residents well. Resident numbers at the service varies from 3 to 8. We are only a small group but I feel what we do provides a valuable service to those no longer able to visit a church.