Conversational Prayer

Prepared by Colette Williams

Rosalind Rinker coined the phrase ‘conversational prayer’ in her book Prayer, Conversing with God. In a group conversation one person raises a subject and someone else responds, then a third person adds their contribution, so the first person says something else, and the whole conversation bounces back and forth around the group until someone changes the subject.  In conversational prayer, the same principles apply.  Many people can contribute to the subject being prayed about, usually with just a sentence or two, and anyone can pray more than once, until that subject has been dealt with and another one introduced.

The benefits are many.  Those who are new to praying aloud feel more comfortable with this method, and others might feel happier to pray if they don’t have to compose a complete prayer.  There is greater involvement all round, everyone can pray for each topic, so there is more agreeing together, and people are more free to be alert to the promptings of the Spirit.  Try it, you’ll like it!