Dr. Jon’s Pantry

IMG_0259THE STORY When some years ago a couple from our Church was in Thailand, working as missionaries teaching English, they met Dr Jon. Listening to his stories they realised that he needed support for his compassionate work as a medical doctor among Burmese refugees. These people had fled from their villages in Burma, as the Burmese army persecuted them, killing, burning villages, destroying the livelihoods of these hill tribes. These refugees have been living for years now, in very primitive conditions in the jungle/border area without medical care. Jon and his wife, both European educated medical doctors, are voluntarily providing healthcare in this very needy situation, viz. tropical diseases, bad hygiene, poverty, etc. Burnside City Uniting Church has been providing financial assistance for many years, by raising several thousand dollars annually, with THE PANTRY selling jams, marmalades, relishes and chutneys, as well as other fundraising events and generous donations. THE PANTRY is open on Sundays and during the week when various groups meet in the building. SO, COME, BUY and ENJOY our wares !