Family Fun @ 5

We understand that it is difficult to find a family service that meets the needs of the entire family. We also understand that church can be seen as boring and irrelevant. We also have children of our own! Family Fun@5 exists to provide for all the above. It is exactly what it is called, Family Fun. Starting at 5:00 pm we run games and craft activities before we listen to an interactive Bible story before sitting down together for a shared meal. We have no idea what will happen during the service and that’s part of the fun. We want to give you as a family a chance to simply be together, sharing time with your children in a safe and happy environment. Family Fun@5 is aimed for children up to Year 7 but older kids and the young at heart are most welcome. The services run at Easter and at other times during the year. We’d love to see you at one some time. If you want to get involved at all please contact the church office.