Featured Books

Here are some recent noteworthy additions to our library…

Yarta Wandatha : The Land is Speaking

Yarta wandatha : The land is speaking.The people are speaking.In this book you will discover wisdom that is thousands of years old, wisdom that is full of God, wisdom that speaks to us today.Your guide and teacher is Adnyamathanha woman Denise Champion, a storyteller with a faith as deep as the sacred waterholes of her people and as wide as the land that is Australia today.

More information and orders

Yarta Wandatha is available from Uniting Church SA’s Mission Resourcing for $25.

For more information or to order the book, please contact Bev Freeman at bfreeman@sa.uca.org.au or on (08) 8236 4243. Please note credit card facilities are not available.

New Books for a New Year!

On the display unit in the foyer you will discover a range of new titles and topics. Among these is Heart of a Lioness, the life story if Irene Gleeson. This is an amazing and wonderful story of faith in adversity and sacrificial love, which brought Christian education and a future to thousands of impoverished, hungry children in Kitgum, in war-torn Northern Uganda. This is a must read! (Some will remember knitting umpteen teddies for the children of Kitgum!).

Another noteworthy addition Miracles by Eric Metaxas, a book which is causing debate at present in Letters to the Editor in “The Australian.”

The Church Library has for You…

fviolaWe have recently added a small book of great beauty to our collection : GOD’s FAVOURITE PLACE ON EARTH. In this part-novel, part-biography, part-theology, author FRANK VIOLA brings to life the last days Jesus Christ spent with Simon, Mary and Martha in Bethany before the Crucifixion. This is a delightful read with an inspiring message for everyone.

The Church Library has for You…

International bestseller SIMPLY CHRISTIAN, by TOM WRIGHT.

Whether you have been a church member for many years, or whether you are just looking into what Christianity is about, this is a beautifully, skilfully written book in an easy to read style. Just before he left, Rev. Doug. Hosking read SIMPLY CHRISTIAN and highly recommends it. Turn from TV or computer and delve into this book to be refreshed and inspired to live a Christian life in today’s world.

Also, we have some new titles in the Fiction Section, so come and browse soon.

The Church Library has For You…

In THE ADAM QUEST by Tim Stafford, eleven scientists of various disciplines describe their life experiences, where truths discovered in science and in Christian faith come together. This is an informative book for both believers and those who hold doubts. “If you have ever been troubled by the relationship between science, the Bible, and human origins, then this book is for you” comments John Ortberg on the book’s cover. Find this book on the ‘New Additions’ shelf in the Foyer.

Home Group Study Suggestions from the Library

The Church Library has for You

This month Home Groups will reconvene and make a decision re; what to study together. The Library has several options available: TALKS by two recent visitors to Adelaide :

  • VISHAL MANGALWADI. Indian Christian Philosopher, who spoke on “What good is Christianity?” 3 DVDs of inspiring lectures. He disturbs any complacency in the Church!
  • Dr DANIEL SHAYESTEH. Speaks of his life experiences converting from Muslim activist politician to Christian believer, escaping
    persecution and prison to freedom in Australia. He now ministers to Muslims and Christians worldwide. Captivating story!

And Also :

  • A seven- part BIBLICAL STUDY ON MARRIAGE, by S.A. Pastors, married couples, unmarried adults and youth. Marriage is a topical subject today – So what does the Bible really say ? Discussion questions included.
  • A RESOURCE GUIDE from Matthias Media with many study suggestions, with or without DVDs. (The Library can contribute toward cost)

Wishing to join a home group?  See Matthew Bond.


The Wild Gospel : Bringing Truth to Life

THE CHURCH LIBRARY HAS FOR YOU – “The Wild Gospel : Bringing Truth to Life” by Alison Morgan. This is “a splendid, stimulating, refreshing and beautifully written book”, ( quoted from the back cover.)  The subtitle reveals the author’s aim of confronting the assumptions of secular and religious pluralism of today, with Jesus’ claim to be the Truth, the Way and the Life. We must learn to speak the language of the age without surrendering to the assumptions of the culture, regarding truth, freedom and happiness, just as Jesus did . He often broke with rigid rules and understandings of the Jewish establishment.  “Truth is the reality of God Himself. That is why when He wished to make that reality accessible to human beings, He did it through a relationship: He sent His Son.” The Truth is living, acts and transforms. This is a CHRISTMAS book. Sneak some quiet hours to read it !

Shoot Me First

THE CHURCH LIBRARY HAS FOR YOU : Recently, at a Saturday Friendship Club meeting, Grant & Janna Lock, a South Australian couple, gave a most entertaining insight into their living and working experiences in the hotspots of Pakistan and Afghanistan. ‘SHOOT ME FIRST’, the book, records their 24 years of learning languages, fitting into the cultures and managing development work, e.g. micro hydroelectric systems & eye care programs. All the while interacting  with the locals, especially needy widows struggling to survive. Their stories open a window on life in Islamic societies. As Mark Durie writes on the back cover: “The raw reality of daily life for ordinary people, up close and personal. Lock gives the most pressing global issues of our time a human face.” This book is a great addition to the Church Library; a moving story you will not forget.

Books on Parenting

THE CHURCH LIBRARY HAS FOR YOU :  Books on parenting – books that inspire, inform and encourage you in the daily task of loving and training children and grandchildren. In The Five Love Languages of children, Gary Chapman and Ross Campbell take readers on a journey to discover how to speak your child’s love language and create a relationship in which the child knows /feels loved. This enables a child to fully develop and mature. A thought provoking, as well as practical book. Parenting Children For a Life of Faith, by Rachel Turner. The basic principle behind the ideas explored in this book is that we need to model for our children what it means to be in a relationship with God, rather than just equipping them to know about Him. This book leads with wise suggestions and examples.



The House I Left Behind, A journey from Islam to Christ

THE CHURCH LIBRARY HAS FOR YOU : After a recent visitor, on speaking tour in Adelaide: A book and DVD for you to borrow; bringing a Christian’s timely warning message. Daniel Shayesteh – ‘The house I left behind, A journey from Islam to Christ’. This is the biography of a Muslim boy in Iran. Although the Taleshi language was his mother tongue, he could quote the Koran in Arabic at age nine! He grew up to become a politician in the Muslim driven revolution which ousted the Shah of Persia, in the hope of a better, democratic society. This is a riveting, revealing story of success, disappointment and betrayal, imprisonment, escape and ultimate freedom found in Christ, in Turkey and Australia. Already two BCUC Home Groups have benefited from watching the DVD together.