Does Life Make Sense?

DOES LIFE MAKE SENSE? This the autobiography of FRIDA NEF. Simply and sincerely told, this is an adventurous life story from childhood in the Swiss Alps early 20th century, in a family struggling with alcoholism, poverty and low- paid work. Frida’s discovery of God’s presence and her long road to fulfil her dream to be used by Him to change the world, is a story of adventure and fulfilment. Today, a century later, living conditions have greatly changed, yet the call and challenge to follow God’s guidance remains; be inspired !

The Church Library has for You…

International bestseller SIMPLY CHRISTIAN, by TOM WRIGHT.

Whether you have been a church member for many years, or whether you are just looking into what Christianity is about, this is a beautifully, skilfully written book in an easy to read style. Just before he left, Rev. Doug. Hosking read SIMPLY CHRISTIAN and highly recommends it. Turn from TV or computer and delve into this book to be refreshed and inspired to live a Christian life in today’s world.

Also, we have some new titles in the Fiction Section, so come and browse soon.

The Church Library has For You…

In THE ADAM QUEST by Tim Stafford, eleven scientists of various disciplines describe their life experiences, where truths discovered in science and in Christian faith come together. This is an informative book for both believers and those who hold doubts. “If you have ever been troubled by the relationship between science, the Bible, and human origins, then this book is for you” comments John Ortberg on the book’s cover. Find this book on the ‘New Additions’ shelf in the Foyer.

The Wild Gospel : Bringing Truth to Life

THE CHURCH LIBRARY HAS FOR YOU – “The Wild Gospel : Bringing Truth to Life” by Alison Morgan. This is “a splendid, stimulating, refreshing and beautifully written book”, ( quoted from the back cover.)  The subtitle reveals the author’s aim of confronting the assumptions of secular and religious pluralism of today, with Jesus’ claim to be the Truth, the Way and the Life. We must learn to speak the language of the age without surrendering to the assumptions of the culture, regarding truth, freedom and happiness, just as Jesus did . He often broke with rigid rules and understandings of the Jewish establishment.  “Truth is the reality of God Himself. That is why when He wished to make that reality accessible to human beings, He did it through a relationship: He sent His Son.” The Truth is living, acts and transforms. This is a CHRISTMAS book. Sneak some quiet hours to read it !