from Rev. Douglas Monaghan – Easter Sunday 31st March

“The resurrection is perplexing. The women are perplexed that Jesus is no longer in the tomb. The angels are perplexed that the women are seeking the living amongst the dead. The disciples are perplexed at the women’s “idle tale”, Peter stands looking at the empty clothing and wonders what is happening. Why is Easter so perplexing? Because Easter is the happy ending turning up in the middle of the story. It is the final scene showing us that everything is going to be alright coming out of sequence. It is our hope, given to us ahead of time, that all will be well. It is not just hope for the future though. Easter means living with the resurrected Lord, and that’s every single day. It gives us Hope for the present too. May you always hold this hope nearest your hearts not only throughout Easter but throughout your lives.”

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