from Rev. Douglas Monaghan – Sunday 12th May

I’ve just finished watching the excellent “The Fabric of the Cosmos” shown on SBS. Presented by Professor Brian Greene of Columbia University, it gave the layman an idea of where current thinking in Physics is. The last programme considered the possibility of alternative Universes existing alongside our own and maybe even being connected to us. I want to use this as an analogy for today, Ascension Sunday.

We tend to think in dualistic ways, “good” or “bad”, “like” or “unlike”, “Port” or “Crows”. Things have to be one thing or the other. This extends to our thinking of heaven and earth. This view has us thinking God was separate from earth, came amongst us for a while before returning back to heaven. It’s easy to grasp but I’m not sure it is correct. What if heaven and earth are not two separate places but rather two connected places? What if God is connected and active on earth at all times and always was? Perhaps the incarnation was a way that God might become known to us and through His life and death become reconciled to God again.

When Jesus returned to God we were left with the Spirit which connects us to God and God to us. To be truly the head of the church, Jesus needs to be accessible to all and this can only be done if Jesus is in God’s realm, where all on earth can have access to him, not just a few in Jerusalem. Although Jesus physically left us, He didn’t truly leave us and remains involved in our world each and every day.

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