from Rev. Douglas Monaghan – Sunday 14th April

The theme this week is “Restoration” as Peter meets Jesus on the shores of Lake Galilee. Just as Peter had denied Jesus three times standing over a charcoal fire, around another charcoal fire he gets to state three times he will love and follow Jesus. This beautifully touching scene shows us what Jesus thinks forgiveness means. As we saw with the prodigal son, it means, like the dictionary definition of restoration, “a return of something to its former, original, unimpaired condition”. We need to understand this. Jesus wipes the slate completely clean as frees Peter for effective mission. Peter will not be burdened by his sense of past failure nor seeking to overcompensate by zealous and unforgiving attitudes to others. Peter will be freed for effective, grace filled, missional service. It is the same for us. Despite what has happened Jesus frees us from our past and encourages us to follow Him in the future. We are assured of being restored in God’s eyes to our unimpaired, original condition. What a freedom, what a relief!

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