Made Man

If you were asked :”WHO IS JESUS?” how would you answer…

Christians hold that Jesus is fully GOD and fully MAN, but what does that actually mean ? How does that work, and does it actually matter ?

The author, CRAIG HAMILTON takes us through the incarnation of Jesus, followed by the history of the early church, grappling to understand what it means and why it matters that God becomes man.

Today, we are standing on the shoulders of all the thinking and debating, heresies and conclusions of the Councils of the Church, to affirm the reality of the Lord Jesus Christ being God in the flesh.

“He is, without qualification and without exaggeration the most Impressive Person to have ever existed.”

Take time to read and digest this book ; it is clearly written and without “theological jargon”.

The book will be on display on the Activities Room ’shelf.

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