Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child, a part of Samaritans Purse, is an organization that supports children in third world countries by giving them a shoebox of small gifts to let them know that someone, far away, cares about them. At Burnside City Uniting Church, we have taken part in this program for about 9 years. Members of our congregation participate in a variety of ways. We have dedicated ladies who knit beanies, small bags, puppets, teddy bears and even mice! Others sew drawstring bags, carry bags and marble bags, in addition to skirts, T-shirts and shorts for the boys. The Craft Group love to make beaded bracelets. There are many who pack their own box, whilst others donate suitable items and give monetary donations. Each box contains something from each of these categories:

  • Something to love such as a knitted toy or doll
  • Education ie exercise book, pencils, eraser, sharpener, coloured pencils
  • Clothing ie skirt for girls and shorts for the boys as well as sox, underwear, thongs, t-shirts.
  • Hygienes ie toothbrush, comb, soap and flannel
  • Play items ie skipping rope, tennis balls, small cars, marbles, puzzles
  • Something special ie jewellery, plastic cup, carry bags, extra toys, beanies, etc.

To cover processing and transportation costs, $9 accompanies each box. All children aged 10 years and upwards are now given the opportunity to participate in a program called The Greatest Journey, which teaches them about Jesus and his love for them. As children have graduated from this program, they have continued to meet, and with their families Churches have been planted.