Our Vision

Burnside City Uniting Church is a new and modern church in the eastern suburbs of Adelaide.  People from all ages and across a growing diversity of nationalities are calling Burnside City Uniting Church home.

Our vision is to be; “A vibrant community, committed to Jesus, passionately engaged in Mission”. This is not something we just talk about but seek to live out through a variety of weekend services and mid-week ministries and programs.  We actively serve a diverse group of people and ages from preschoolers, primary age, youth, young adults, marrieds, singles, and seniors, both men and women.  Our ministries have a local, national and international focus and engagement.

We believe what the Bible says – that God loves you and demonstrated that love in sending his Son Jesus to live, die and rise again for you.  We have witnessed time and time again lives transformed and healed as people put their trust in Jesus.  We exist as a church to help people discover and grow in that relationship so that they can be all that God created them to be.

Take time to browse our website and learn more about us, our worship times and other activities.  You will be made welcome when you join us at any time.

The BCUC Logo

Our new logo (shown in the top banner) encapsulates our vision to be a vibrant community, committed to Jesus, passionately engaged in mission. The purple triangle with the cross represents the one we are committed to – Jesus Christ our Lord; purple is a regal colour. The triangle can represent our church building or the things we do as a church family. The triangle is not too neat because our church, as an expression of God’s kingdom on earth, is dynamic, changing, growing, never fully defined. The stylised people (in green, blue and yellow) represent our vibrant community in worship, enjoying each other’s company, reaching out to new people. They are not nice, neat figures because our vision is to be a church made up of a diverse range of people: people from all kinds of families, ethnicities, backgrounds and ages. The fonts for the words are modern, conveying a sense of being a modern and relevant church. The tag line, ‘Community, Faith and Purpose’, summarises our vision and are words of encouragement for those seeking these fundamental of life.