This Sunday @ BCUC

This Sunday is Pentecost – a great celebration of the sending of the Holy Spirit to the early church, breathing life and power to a group of people who had been given a big vision to change the world but no real clue how to do it.

Pentecost 2020 is Breakthru time. As the world continues to grapple with the massive upheaval COVID-19 has brought, we need the gift and power of the Holy Spirit as much as we ever have. When the Holy Spirit first came to believers they began speaking in different languages and people from many nations heard the Good News of Jesus in their own heart words. This week a new video of Amazing Grace was launched with Christian’s singing in their heart language from 50 COVID-19 affected countries. It’s a great prelude to Sunday’s worship.  Enjoy and please join us live on Sunday! – Benji

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