Using Proclaim at BCUC

Step 1 : Overview Video

Watch this video for a general overview of Proclaim and its features. Some of this is not currently relevant to BCUC, but this is generally worth watching. Don’t worry about remembering everything you see here. It will all be covered in the later tutorials.

Step 2 : Create your own Practice Presentation

Its time to create your own presentation where you can practice creating service elements and running a presentation.  Its important to follow along with the tutorial videos in Step 3 below as you use Proclaim yourself.  To get started …

  1. request an invitation to join BCUC’s Proclaim group (email Stuart at
  2. In your invitation email, click the join group button, then on the opened webpage click Create Account
  3. enter your name and password selection and create your account.
  4. You will be taken to a BCUC Group webpage on the Faithlife website.  Just close this page.  You are done here.
  5. download proclaim to your PC or Mac.
  6. Launch Proclaim and sign in using your email and password.
  7. From the “File” menu, select “New” and then “Blank Presentation” (see here)
  8. IMPORTANT :  enter a new name for your presentation that clearly identifies what its for. example : “Stuart’s Practice”.  (see here).
  9. Now you can begin adding content and running a presentation.  Follow along with the tuturial videos.
  10. If you get stuck or have questions, Call or email Stuart, or ask a data operator on Sunday morning after service.
  11. The next time you open Proclaim, your presentation should still be loaded.  If not, just use File – Open to locate and return to your presentation.

Step 3 : View These Selected Tutorials

These tutorial videos are between 2 and 4 minutes long.  Follow along with these videos as you work with your own practice presentation.  Screen operators are encourages to check out some of the tutorials for content creators as well as you may on occasion be asked to add a missing item on Sunday morning.  Likewise, content creators may want to see the screen operator videos to know what types of things can be done while a presentation is in progress.


Order of Service

Media-Rich Presentations

Transitioning from Powerpoint to Proclaim (incl. importing slides from PowerPoint)


For Content Creators

Design Slides for your Service

Add Sermon Slides to Your Presentation

Add Bible Verses to Your Presentation

Beginner Song Slides

Advanced Song Slides

Text Design (important for slide creators)

Customize Text with Styles

Multi-Select and Edit Items (handy to learn)

Export and Share Slides


For Screen Operators

Volunteer Reference Guide

On Air Adjustments (must know for operators)

Showing Scripture while On Air (must know for operators)


Foyer Screens (Digital Signage)

What is Digital Signage (i.e. how we add slides to our Foyer TV screens. just FYI)

More on Digital Signage (learn how to add a slide from a Service onto our Foyer TVs)


Step 4 : Proclaim @ BCUC

This section features videos that specifically address how we do things at BCUC.

Overlaying Song Lyrics on Video for Livestream