9:00 am Worship & Music Ministry (WAMM)

Music is an important part of our worship at BCUC. We offer a variety of worship styles, which also includes a variety of music styles. At 9:00 am we offer a contemporary style service, and our music reflects this. The theme and lectionary Bible reading/s are used each week to help select music that will enhance the Minister’s message. Our music team is continually growing in our learning and size. Sometimes we will do a worshipful item or introduce a new song but we are not there to perform. We are there to encourage you, the congregation to sing to God and to each other. Sometimes people prefer to just listen – this is also OK. God doesn’t expect us to be ‘perfect’ but He does expect us to be the best we can be… so we practice every Thursday from 6pm-7:15 pm. This time is used to go through the music that will be used in church that week. It is also time when use to learn new music. We also have a practice at 8:00 am every Sunday morning. We warmly welcome new members to our team. If you are interested in worship leading, singing or playing instrument as part of 9:00 am WAMM – please contact me through the BCUC office on 8331 3914. Just leave your name and contact details and I’ll get back to you….. Chat soon Michelle Pruszinski (Worship & Music Co-ordinator for 9:00 am)