Why “Breakthru Worship”?

Dear friends of BCUC,

On one level its sad times, I miss meeting people face to face and being an extrovert, I will struggle. However the new opportunities are exciting if we can rise by the power of the spirit to meet the challenges. My heart hurts for our vulnerable in the community who won’t be able to access online materials but we will endeavour to serve and minister to them as best we can with God’s help.

Although we have suspended face-to-face worship, let’s not stop meeting together. I want to introduce you to our new online worship experience we’re calling “Breakthru Worship”.

Why Breakthru?  It’s based on John 20:19. The disciples are hiding in fear in a locked room, (sounds a lot like social-isolation), and the resurrected Jesus breaks through their isolation and miraculously appears in the room. The first thing he says is “Peace be with you”, then he breathes on them the gift of the Holy Spirit, the comforter! Isn’t this what we all need right now, Jesus to break into our fear, to bring peace breath the comfort and gift of the Holy Spirit. So we are then empowered to be the children of God for the present and the future.

Breakthru Worship
We start with Breakthru Worship this Sunday March 22nd.

Grab a cup of coffee. Dress up in your Sunday best if you want to. Then follow the link here or on the churches website for an exciting interactive experience.

We start at 10 am from our lounge room to yours. You can always log on later if you missed it.

For many of us giving is an important part of worship. Many of us already give regularly using E-give, for those who like to give each week you can do this online from the church’s website. Alternatively for people who like to use the envelopes, you can place them in the churches mailbox during the week or give them to Stuart during office hours.

Breakthru Kids and Minis

We haven’t forgotten about kids ministry. Our great team have put together 2 videos to sit down and engage with. These will be streamed on Sundays.

  • 9am Breakthru minis (ages 5 and under)
  • 9:30am Breakthru kids (5 and up)

Click on and engage. Some of our kids ministry team will be online to interact with you.  It’s a great way to engage the whole family and grow as children of God together.

Breakthru Care

Just like you, I really love getting together in person and will find this next period hard. It’s important during this time to be creative about keeping in contact with other. Phone calls and emails will be our primary means. If you are a pastoral contact I encourage you to find a way to connect with those on your list. We are also very conscious of those who will find it difficult to access the internet. Care comes in many different forms. The following is how we hope to provide Breakthru Care in the coming weeks:

  • Spiritual: regular emails from us.
  • Pastoral: phone calls utilising our Pastoral Contacts.
  • Open church (Book a time with Stuart if you would like to come in and watch the service during the week or for prayer. This may change as regulations keep changing.)
  • Printed worship (read over phone or delivered, please contact us if you or someone you know would like this service).
  • Practical: food/ toilet paper/ hand sanitizer.

Breakthru prayer

This will be critical for us. Options include: 

  • regular email prayer chain: prayer@burnsidecityuc.org.au
  • Wednesday Prayer group 9:30 am at BCUC
  • 7pm daily call to prayer. Join an ecumenical, Australian wide movement of prayer encouraging us to pray at 7pm each day. Set your alarm now!
  • Drop in prayer at church (please ring Stuart at the office to arrange).

Breakthru Easter

Normal Easter services will need to cancelled but we are quickly exploring some exciting and creative replacements for both Good Friday and Easter Sunday. You won’t want to miss out.

Breakthru Youth

We will keep you posted next week with some wonderful announcements.

Lastly…   If you have an ideas or would like to be involved in any of these ministries please let us know. Also, please give us feedback about how Sunday went. We will keep being creative and want to provide worship that works best for all ages and all cultures.

Finally share these links and this email with others you know who are loosely associated with the church or need encouragement at this time. Can we be bold enough to trust that God could actually grow the church during this new season? I pray we can.

Your brother in Christ,

Benji Callen

Burnside City Uniting Church
0427 792 869

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