Minister’s Message

28 February 2021


We discovered last week that when Jesus applied the title “I Am” to himself e.g. John 6:35 , he claimed to be God; not a helper to God or a great teacher, but the divine, eternal, pre-existent, infinite, perfect Being. 

The seven “I Am” statements in John’s Gospel echo this ultimate claim of Jesus to be God. This second week in this ‘I am’ series we hear Jesus say – ‘I am the Light of the world’ (John 8:12, 9:5). Jesus is the Source who brings light into our darkness and insight to those who hear and respond to his loving grace. As the ‘Light of the world’ Jesus brings us profound spiritual understanding which can lead us to the beginning of a wonderful, ongoing relationship with God.

 Darkness can surely make us uncertain and fearful. To say someone is, ‘walking in the dark’ means they have lost their way in life. By contrast, to say someone is ‘walking in the light’ means they know where they are going. For the Christian this means living confidently with Jesus. 

Light and darkness are powerful symbolic ideas. Jesus takes and uses them to speak of his own identity and ministry. He comes to us to dispel the darkness in our lives that confronts us and troubles us. He offers us a clear pathway for life that reveals our true identity as Children of God in those who respond to him.

To all of us Jesus says, 
‘I am the light of the world. 
Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness 
but will have the light of life’. John 8:12

Who is Jesus to you?  Live confidently with Jesus, revealing your true identity as a Child of God.

Rob Williams


Online Worship

YES we are still providing an online worship experience “Breakthru Worship” each week on our YouTube channel. At times we will use live-streaming.  In the near future we will be asking people what they would like from this type of service. This week’s service will be available Sunday from the usual places.

Monday Day Fellowship

The first meeting for Monday Day Fellowship is on Monday 1st March at 1:30pm. Let s get together for Fellowship and Friendship. “Getting to know Bryan Burnett“. Everyone is welcome.

Free Daily Bible Reading Guide (limited copies)

For several years many in our congregation have subscribed to “With Love to the World” – A daily Bible reading guide based on the Revised Common Lectionary as adapted for use in the Uniting Church.  The Guide is published quarterly with the current edition covering the Lent and Easter period (15 Feb – 15 May).  The yearly cost for this guide is $25 but right now we have some extra copies to give away to anyone who might be interested in trying it out.  Just call or email Stuart in the office if you would like to get a copy.


World Day of Prayer 2021

Come and join in prayers for Vanuatu. Vanuatu is a group of islands just east of Australia. Normally, 40% of its income comes from tourism. Reflect on how much of that was earned in 2020. This year’s service is at Gartrell Church, Friday 05 March at 10.00 am; then refreshments.  Join in helping them “Build on a Strong Foundation.

Entertainment Books

are on sale again.  Supporters will receive a BONUS $10 or $20 eGift Card.  They can choose from Woolworths or JB Hi-Fi.  We will still receive our fundraising 20% from the sale of books. Available HERE

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