GO-tober 4
A Vision for Perseverance and Gratitude

for 24th October 2021

Mark 10: 46-52 tells the story of Jesus healing the blind man Bartimaeus. There are 3 stories in the Bible of Jesus restoring sight, not because they wanted to show that this was a particular skill of His but all to teach different lessons. Blind Bartimaeus bravely faced a crowd and persisted until the disciples, at Jesus’ request, called him to Jesus. There was a lesson for the disciples in that, about how to treat the vulnerable. When given the opportunity Bartimaeus did not let anything stand in his way. He flung aside his coat and went straight to Jesus, a lesson for us in how we should prioritize Jesus in our lives. When asked what he wanted he was direct and definitive; he wanted to see. Bartimaeus showed great faith, yet he actually knew little about Jesus. He called him son of David which suggested that he believed in the idea of the Messiah being of David’s line to deliver Israel from the Romans. And here is the great lesson. Christianity is about forming a personal relationship with Jesus based on our instinctual response to his love, which leads to having faith in Him. The theological understanding may come later. Finally, unlike others that Jesus healed, Bartimaeus was grateful and showed that gratitude by following Him loyally, as we also are asked to do. – Ian Olver


BCUC News 


Theology Workshops : Minor Prophets

We are privileged to have Rev Dr Gethzi Devasagayam, lecturer in Biblical Studies at St Barnabas College, come to BCUC to teach to us about how the minor prophets of the Old Testament still have a message for us today. Look out for two theology workshops on Tuesdays November 2nd and 23rd.

BCUC Saturday Friendship Club

The October meeting of the club is a Mystery Bus trip.  Please note the date is Wednesday 27th October. The bus will leave the Burnside council chambers car park at 9:30am.  The cost is $20 and includes the Bus and morning tea.    Please pay the correct money in a named envelope to Helen Brooks, and advise if you wish to have a lift to the pick up point   As places are limited, please book by Sunday 17th October.

Monday Day Fellowship 

Our next meeting is on the 1st of November.  Our speaker will be Julie Johinke who will present to us the range of services made available by Resthaven in the areas aged care and retirement living. The meeting will commence at 1.30pm. Afternoon tea will be provided.  All are welcome.

Worship this Sunday

All are invited to attend worship this Sunday morning 10am at BCUC.  We are required to wear masks while in the building.  The congregation may sing but masks need to be kept on while singing.  Those who are part of the worship team may remove their masks while speaking or singing on stage. Kids under 12 years are excluded from all mask requirements.  We will have morning tea, but food and drink needs to be consumed while you are seated.  You can remove your mask while eating or drinking.

Our 10am service is also livestreamed each week; watch it live as it happens or check it out later that day or during the week.  The livestream video can be viewed on our YouTube channel from Sunday morning at 10am.

Other Activities


Generate Presbytery Meeting

All leaders and emerging leaders at BCUC are invited to attend the Generate Presbytery Meeting which will be held on the 13 November, 10:00am-4:00pm (arrival / rego from 9:30am) at Seeds Uniting Church, 42 Sunnymeade Drive, Aberfoyle Park.  This will be a wonderful time to gather together as a Presbytery, to hear stories and encourage you in your leadership and mission.  Register here.

Sunday 10am
Worship Livestream

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If you are looking for our Breakthru Worship videos from 2020 and earlier this year, you will find them here.

Breakthru Music

If you have enjoyed the worship music that our congregation has created for our Breakthru Worship videos, you can listen or download them from our
Breakthru Music playlist.


Ministry Team Contacts


Rev Dr Benji Callen 0427 792 869 benjic@burnsidecityuc.org.au; Day off : Tuesday

Minister in Association

Rev Rob Williams 0424 123 171; robw@burnsidecityuc.org.au; Day off : Friday


Stuart MacAdam 8331 3914; admin@burnsidecityuc.org.au

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