for 19 September 2021 

Wow! What a great church getaway! Thanks so much to all those who came and got involved and helped out. It was a great blessing to be part of. For those who couldn’t be there, we have some clips of the Sunday service and a great video that we used in the second teaching session that talks about our life In Christ.

For the next two Sundays we will be looking at the church sacraments of communion and baptism.

What’s a Sacrament?

It sounds very churchy! The word may even cause you to glaze over and skip down the text. It’s origins are from the Roman Empire. The Latin ’sacramentum’ was an oath that Roman Soldiers would outwardly declare as they gave their life and service for the Emperor and for Rome. Its use in church circles is for the things we do in worship that are ‘outward and visible signs of an inward and spiritual grace, given to us and ordained by Christ himself’. For the protestant church (which the Uniting Church is part of) there are 2 sacraments: communion and baptism. We can view them as things we do in worship that are like a pledge of allegiance to our king and country: Christ the Lord and the Kingdom of God.

The Greek word for sacraments, has its roots in the word ‘mystery’. This opens up the other part of these wonderful gifts to the church. As is commonly said: ‘We do something on the outside and God does something on the inside”. There’s a mystery to it.

Holding these two ideas we will be looking more closely and deeply at these incredibly important gifts of grace we have in the church. Beginning with communion this week. Prior warning…the seating will be a little different to help highlight the meaning of communion.

See you Sunday live or online,
Your brother in Christ


BCUC News 

The Intersection of Science & Faith – Q&A

Presented by Rev Dr Benji Callen and Prof Ian Olver.  Bring Your Questions  (Has Science Replaced God?…Where do we fit in a huge universe?…What about Adam and Eve?…).  Wednesday September 22, 7:30pm & Sunset Rock Church, 40 Spencer St. Sterling (via Shirlaw Ave).

Operation Christmas Child

Please join us on Monday September 27th at 9:30 in the Hall to pack our shoeboxes. We will be assembling over 100 boxes, so please come and see the program in action then join us for morning tea. Children most welcome. Enquires to Di Croft.

Getaway Thank You!

A very big thank you to everyone who cooked for last weekend’s getaway.  The cakes, biscuits and lasagnas were absolutely delicious, and very much appreciated by those who attended – people were coming back for seconds, thirds and more!  Many thanks.
Thank you also to everyone who was involved in leadership on the Getaway, especially the small group leaders and those who led team-building activities. A big shout-out to Tim & Ann who organised and ran a brilliant Quiz Night on Saturday evening; it was heaps of fun:).
Lastly, thank you to all those who pitched in to help out where you saw a need.  Unasked for, but essential.

Getaway Quotes

Some of the many comments we received from people who attended the Getaway:
“Blessed by the Holy Spirit. So much positive fellowship, inclusiveness of all ages and family types, great food, well balanced between teaching/learning and play times and comfortable accommodation. It will go down in BCUC’s history as a very significant event in our Church’s life.”

“Thank You for a wonderful and “Church Shaping” getaway weekend. It was life changing.”  

“I believe that as time passes it will prove to be a pivotal experience if the life of our fellowship.  We can move forward with a renewed confidence that the Spirit is at the helm.”

Worship this Sunday

All are invited to attend worship this Sunday morning 10am at BCUC.  We are required to wear masks while in the building.  The congregation may sing but masks need to be kept on while singing.  Those who are part of the worship team may remove their masks while speaking or singing on stage. Kids under 12 years are excluded from all mask requirements.  We will have morning tea, but food and drink needs to be consumed while you are seated.  You can remove your mask while eating or drinking.

Our 10am service is also livestreamed each week; watch it live as it happens or check it out later that day or during the week.  The livestream video can be viewed on our YouTube channel from Sunday morning at 10am.
A God’ Eye View of Your Spiritual Journey from Before the Beginning Until After the End. First used for our Church Getaway while studying the book of Ephesians. The full text of these inspired words written by Colette Williams are available here.

Sunday 10am
Worship Livestream

The link above will take you to our YouTube playlist.  Select the first entry in the playlist to watch this week’s service (from Sunday 10am or anytime later in the week.)

If you are looking for our Breakthru Worship videos from 2020 and earlier this year, you will find them here.

Breakthru Music

If you have enjoyed the worship music that our congregation has created for our Breakthru Worship videos, you can listen or download them from our
Breakthru Music playlist.

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