Samaritan Woman at the Well

for 25 September, 2022

The woman at the well is a well-known story about truth spoken in grace and love and this truth changes not only a single woman but her family and a whole village. A remarkable outcome from a short conversation.  I have had a fascination about the woman who Jesus met and I would like to introduce you to Photina – a woman whose life was so changed by her meeting with Jesus that she became a close disciple and spread the amazing news of the  Messiah coming to earth.

In the lead up to me delivering this message, Benji and I were having a chat and I commented that the woman at the well seems to take Jesus comments about her lifestyle rather well. She doesn’t react as offended or defensive but accepts what Jesus has to say and in fact uses it as proof that He is the Messiah. Truth spoken without grace is hurtful but that is not what we see here, we see Photina accepting the truth about herself, her past and the arrival of the Messiah, spoken with love and grace by Jesus himself. The love and grace with which he speaks to her, allows her to respond positively. This meeting changes not only her life, but the lives of her family and the whole village. Here we see what can happen when a person meets Jesus, there is nothing about her life which remains the same.

May we be like this woman at the well, may we meet Jesus, hear His truth and may we be set free from our pasts and be free to live a future that is totally different, focused on Jesus and as a result know a joy that truly surpasses all understanding.

– Merle Paton



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David Truran 

It’s with great sadness that we announce the sudden death of David Truran. He died peacefully at his daughter’s home last Saturday only a few weeks after the funeral for his wife, Cath. They were a very loved couple of our church. David had a heart that was as big and clear as his voice. We all loved it when David got to read the bible with his booming voice and his passionate faith that believed every word he spoke. He was a larger than life character who meant so much to so many. 
I personally appreciated his challenge and critique of the modern church to always make sure we acted out our faith in the real world with the poor and needy – not just sung, prayed, and talked about it. It was like having a living, breathing book of James in your office “What good is it, dear brothers and sisters, if you say you have faith but don’t show it by your actions?” James 2:14
We pray God’s comfort and care for David’s family, our church family and all those who came to Cath’s funeral. We expect there to be a service for David at BCUC in the near future and will let you know by email when it’s announced. Meanwhile we give thanks that he has gone to be with Jesus and is now living out the last lines of the creed “I believe in the resurrection of the body and the life everlasting”. Amen.


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BCUC and AACC are putting on an Appreciation Tea for the staff of Marden Senior College, Wednesday, 28 September.  Please bring a plate of sweet or savoury items to BCUC on the morning of the 28th at 9am.  For further information, contact Verna Drexel.


New BCUC Plaques Installed

The plaque commemorating the opening of our church building has now been mounted playground area. There is also a second new plaque describing the various foundation stones of the churches that came together to become BCUC. We commemorate with these plaques not because we love buildings but rather the way buildings have been used as spiritual homes for growing and changing families in Christ. 


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